Sterling Silver Pink Asscher/Emerald-Cut Aspen Ring with 18 KGP Prongs-Bling by Wilkening Invented Cut



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Product description:

A striking centerpiece in this remarkable single stone ring, the Asscher/Emerald cut hybrid, invented by Bling by Wilkening, creates a mesmerizing and alluring statement. The sleek lines of the elegant stone are complemented perfectly by the classic band. 

The luminary of this exquisite ring are the elegant and angled corners, unique to this design. Traditional asscher and emerald cut stones do not possess angled corner facets of this length. These angled corners help to reveal a kaleidoscopic effect of brilliance and fire that dances with every movement of the hand. Band features clear brilliant stones, each set with 4 prongs per stone, for unparalleled quality and durability.

This specific hue of fancy light pink is very rare in cubic zirconia, and mirrors the light refractivity of the most finely faceted fancy light pink diamond. 

Center stone measures 13mm x 15mm, and weights approximately 13.5 carats, due to the depth of stone in setting and density of the stone. The pavilion of the stone (point underneath) is slightly deeper, thus creating a heavier carat weight.  Our stones are cut with the ideal carat weight for maximum light refractivity. Stone is perfectly proportioned for a classic and iconic look on the finger. 

Meticulously modeled after the most exceptional estate jewelry, the beauty of the center stone is complemented by 18 karat gold plated prongs. Bling by Wilkening gold plating is four times thicker than the industry standard to ensure unparalleled quality and durability.

Ring band stones are clear, but are shown reflecting other colors because of the brilliant faceting.

Please view additional image of ring shown on model's hand for size scale.

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Material Content: Sterling silver, finest grade hand faceted and hand set fancy light pink and clear cubic zirconia, precious rhodium (platinum) plating, 18 KGP prongs

*Please view 360 degree video of ring shown directly below. Additional video also showcases ring on model’s hand.

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