About Our Stones

Bling by Wilkening is an estate fashion, semi-precious and regal travel jewelry company, founded on the three pillars of outstanding quality, great price, and philanthropy. We take great pride in offering the finest quality in the world, at the cutting edge of fashion, with unparalleled prices! In addition to every day wear, our jewelry is ideal for travel.

Bling by Wilkening was founded in 2007 from Whitney Wilkening’s desire to offer jewelry that would wear as the finest jewelry, with the same settings and platings, but that would be exceptionally affordable.

Bling by Wilkening jewelry has been featured on the Today ShowGood Morning America, the Oprah Blog and is featured in Kleinfeld Bridal from the hit TV series, Say Yes to the Dress!

We use only the finest grade cubic zirconia as well other stones including semi-precious, such as blue topaz. Cubic zirconia is graded as diamonds are. We commission the finest diamond estate lapidaries (stone cutters) to facet all of our stones as the finest estate diamonds. Because of this, you will see the most exquisite light refractivity possible, making our jewelry absolutely exquisite for everyday use and travel jewelry options. Our jewelry is often worn mixed with estate diamonds, and our cubic zirconia is indistinguishable from the finest diamonds.

We specify exactly how our stones are faceted so that the light dispersion and refractivity are maximized. Cubic zirconia has higher light dispersion, and for this reason, exhibits flashes of light that are more exquisite than those in synthetic diamonds. 

Clear cubic zirconia that is not the finest grade tends to have a light purple hue. Our clear cubic zirconia is perfectly clear as the finest diamond is perfectly clear. Cubic zirconia is also available in brilliant colors. Our cubic zirconia will not dull or become “cloudy” over time. The cloudy effect in lesser grades of cubic zirconia are due to the quality of the rough material. 

To clean our stones, we recommend yellow gold Dial soap, water, and a soft toothbrush. Gold Dial soap has been proven in our lab as the best way to clean, as it does not contain lotions and will not leave a residue. We do not recommend commercial jewelry cleaners because of the harsh sulfates which can be harmful to precious metals. 

Our designs feature magnificent and intricate design elements such as stones on the back of select drop earrings, and yellow gold prongs on certain colored stones to highlight the beauty of the center stones. Our exquisite double tennis bracelet clasps ensure security, while being easy to put on and take off on one’s own, with the push of a button on the side. 

Our founder and designer, Whitney Wilkening, has consulted with Garrard of London, the jewelry company who created the Crown Jewels and was jeweler to the English Royal Family for over 300 years. This research ensures that our stones, clasps, findings, and finishings are created as the finest estate jewelry in the world. Our designs are also inspired from research into the archives at the Victoria & Albert Museum in London, as well as the Crown Jewels.

Each piece of jewelry must adhere to a certain weight content requirement, and all of our pieces are rigorously tested for quality and durability. Our precise quality control system covers every detail including platings, prong settings, clasps and symmetry of faceting on our stones.

Our cubic zirconia is flawless and free of inclusions, while being conflict free, making it a wonderful engagement ring alternative. 

Each of our items will come packaged in an organza bag with enclosure card, inside of a beautiful silver gift box with satin lining and bow. 

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