Gifting Service

Our gifting service and consultation makes finding that perfect gift for that perfect someone effortless! Gentlemen, we offer a service where we obtain all of the special dates such as anniversary, birthday, mother’s day, and valentine’s day at one time from you for your wife or girlfriend, and we send a gift so that it arrives one week before that special day. You never have to worry about last-minute shopping again! All we need is a bit of information from you. Picking out out all of the pieces at once is an option, or we can choose the pieces for you. Ladies, this is a great option for your best friends or family members! Depending on the option you would like, we charge per piece, discounting the entire package. If you would like for us to choose the pieces for you, a flat fee is charged, depending on the amount of pieces. Please email us at to inquire, or call us at (505) 280-8637.

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