Product Care & Cleaning Instructions

Product Care

The care instructions are included on each enclosure card inside of each Bling by Wilkening box. Please protect your jewelry from impact against hard surfaces and avoid contact with abrasive surfaces.

Please care for our jewelry in the following way:


Use a soft cloth only with no chemicals. If liquid is needed, use only water and gold Dial soap, liquid or bar.  Apply to a very soft toothbrush and gently clean stones on the top and underside. Rinse with clear water. Gold Dial soap is antibacterial and does not contain lotion which may leave a residue on stones. 

Do not use jewelry cleaner as it may contain harsh sulfates and alcohol. Also avoid direct contact with sunscreens and perfume and any other harsh chemicals or household cleaning products. 

Storing your jewelry

Please store our jewelry in the original organza bag and box to keep free from dust debris and pollutants.

Avoid direct contact with perfume and sunscreen. Do not shower in any jewelry as shampoos and conditioners can contain harsh sulfates caustic to fine metals and precious platings.

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