*Got it, she loves it (custom length asscher cut tennis necklace and line earrings from additional length)... thank you for making her birthday even more special.

-Sent via email 11.6.23


*Wow, the package has already arrived. Thank you so much for the prompt service I know the gals will love these.
-Sent via email 9.20.23 


*I just love your jewelry, each piece is so stunning.

-Sent via email 8.30.23 


*I really enjoy the pink Asher Cut Aspen Ring as do a lot of my colleagues, and I get a lot of compliments. Now I'll be able to wear the Asher cut necklace with the Asher cut earrings. It's always nice to check your collection and to chat with you Whitney.

-Sent via text 7.22.23


*Congrats on your first show back! 🎈
I know it’s a lot mentally and physically to make it happen after a baby, and you are rocking it sista! 
Your are such a pro showman, the lights, display the mirrors, everything so sophisticated and high level. 💎
And you engage everyone and make trying on beautiful jewels so approachable and fun. 
And like I said, such a natural salesperson! 
Just wanted to say congrats I know it was a big milestone 
-Sent via text 4.21.23


*Wore my new U of A earrings to Homecoming! They're fabulous:)

-Sent via text 10.29.22


*The ring came already (Silver 5mm Band)! I can't wait to get home and see it. My husband says is's beautiful. Thank you so so so so much!

-Sent via text 10.27.22


*My daughter-in-law wears the Sterling Silver Round Vintage Lace Necklace every day. She says it is her favorite necklace and just loves it. Every time I see her, she tells me that.

-Via phone 10.18.22


*It is easy to see why the people go crazy for you and the designs...the crimson red ring is to die for.

-Sent via text 10.18.22


*Hi Whitney,

Received the package today and the pieces are so much fun and well executed. Sooo much sparkle! I may be interested in another Asscher cut necklace.
-Sent via email 10.13.22


*Love my earrings (U of A Dangles) and that sweet letter! Can't wait to wear them!!

-Sent via text 10.3.22

*Your jewelry is gorgeous and blingy and I really love the earrings I got (Sapphire Solana Studs)!

-Sent via email 6.23.22



Love my new ring (Pink Aspen Ring). Fits perfectly. Thank you so much!

-Sent via email 6.22.22


*Love my ring (Pink Aspen Ring)! A guy on the airplane asked if it's insured, I said Absolutely!!

-Sent via text on 3.19.22


*Wow the 18 KGP 2.75mm ring band is beautiful!!! Thank you so much. I love it. Also thank you for the special personalized note.

-Sent via text on 7/1/21


*Thx a million for the ring. You are so kind taking such good care of me. Saw some friends today and they couldn't quite talking about your gorgeous jewelry and what quick, excellent service you give. Our friend said his wife's one carat stud earrings look so real, people cannot quit staring :):):):)

-Sent via text on 5/19/21


*So the bracelet is so beautiful. We adore it! Your cubic zirconia is so much prettier than diamonds. The fire is so dramatic on your cubic zirconia. My mom loves it. I may pick up the small hoops to match. Look at the picture of how happy my mom is. She loves it and so do we. Couldn't stop asking her to show us her wrist to see it catch the light and shine rainbows!

-Sent via text on 5/9/21


*Hi Whitney - It arrived. It's gorgeous. I love it. Something sparkly to start the New Year off - goodness knows, we need sparkle!!
xo -Sent via email on 1/14/21 
*Hi Whitney-My ring just arrived and it's GORGEOUS!!! Thank you again for thinking of me and sending me the holiday discount. 
Happy Holidays! 
-Sent via email on 12/22/20 


*Hi Whitney. Great news!!!! My new bracelet arrived late yesterday and it is PERFECT!!!!!!!! Thanks so much for getting all this sorted out. I LOVE IT. 

-via email 11.28.20


*My Fiance surprised me with the Silver Couture Teardrops with Pear-Shaped Post last night. Whitney, they are even more beautiful than I remember. Thank you for all your help! 

-via text 11.23.20


*Whitney, My jewels arrived today and everything is absolutely gorgeous. Rings fit and are sparkling.  Earrings are perfect!! Thank you so very much for your kindness and great service❤❤

-via email 11.5.20 


*Just went to the gallery. Oh em gee I love it there. Your jewelry gave me an excuse to go see so much beautiful art! I’ve been wanting to check it out for so long.  And now I want every single one of your pieces after trying a bunch on. 🤩 I love your work so much. The details in all the settings are magnificent. Seeing them in person blew me away. You are so extremely talented and I’m so excited for all the amazing things that lie ahead for you! 

-via text 11.5.20  (1 of 2)
*I told my husband I want to "upgrade" my ring with one of yours. After seeing a friend's tennis bracelet at your wedding, now I have the tennis bracelet on my wishlist too!
-via text 11.4.20 (2 of 2)



*Hi Whitney,

I’m excited about my order I placed with you arriving! I wanted to share with you that I’ve always wanted a really nice pair of everyday sparkly, diamond like stud earrings & now because of you & the beautiful connection we made they are on the way to me! Another way you are a most beautiful gift! Have a most beautiful day!
Abundant blessings & sparkly, bling inspired gratitude,

-via email 9.30.20-email 1 of 2


*Whitney, I love the earrings! They are perfect! I always wanted a pair just like them & I’m overjoyed they waited until I met beautiful, amazing wonderful you ! I will cherish them for a lifetime! They are simply stellar! I pushed the envelope by buying them but some people are so worth pushing the envelope for! That is YOU! Good investment for my singing career & my birthstone too! Woo Hoo! All because of you ! Have a blessed & beautiful night! 
More bling inspired gratefulness,
-via email 9.30.20-email 2 of 2



My BEAUTIFUL Sterling 1 Carat 4 Prong Solitaire Stud earrings have arrived. They are so sparkly and so pretty. I look forward to showing them off, once I return to the outside world. In the meantime, I’ll enjoy them in the confines of my shelter-in-place surroundings. :-) I’ve got a little collection of BBW and am thrilled to have this latest addition. 
Thank you!  (And thanks for being so incredibly prompt with your delivery!)
-via email 5/4/20


*Hi Whitney!

Just wanted say how much I love my earring & necklace set. They’re very sweet....I love the vintage look. I opened my package late last night (such quick delivery!) and have been modeling around my little place all morning.

Have a great day!

-via email 2/12/20

*Hi Whitney, 

I am so glad I have your contact now! I saw the earrings you donated for PWAP and they are GORGEOUS! Then I went to your website and I am even more in love! I love all of your jewelry! 😊

Hope you are doing well and had a fabulous 3 day weekend!

-via email on 9/3/19

*Your jewelry quality is incredible. It is so beautiful, and there is nothing like it in the world. It is more beautiful than diamonds. You completely own the market share. Someone stopped me to ask to see my ring. It was your Emerald Cut Eternity Ring Band. She said she was about to purchase a a diamond emerald cut ring. She said, "I love your diamond ring, and I told her it was a Bling by Wilkening!" She said "Now I don’t want to purchase the diamond ring. I will purchase a bling by Wilkening instead." There isn’t one piece in your collection I don’t love.
-via phone on 8/22/19
*Good morning 🌞 
Beverley is loving your ring and the comments are sensational 
Thanks again 
-via email on 3/16/19
*Hi Whitney! Just wanted to show you my Valentine's day gift from my boyfriend. Oh my! I love them!!! 
Love your Jewelry
-via text 2/15/19
*Dear Whitney,
I love, love my necklace!
-via email on 2/11/19
I got my package and I LOVE the earrings! 
They look exactly like my real diamond earrings, 
of which I lost one before Christmas.  I had it insured
so no
worries.  Your jewelry is the closest thing to real, expensive
So glad I found your company through a party years ago!
With gratitude,
-via email on 1/2/19
The rings arrived
They are fantastic fabulous and fit!!!! We cannot thank you enough for your courtesy and professionalism.
-via email on 1/1/19
 it's beautiful! I will wear it tonight at the party my son is throwing to launch his new business. I'm looking forward to showing my daughter your pieces at the gallery next weekend.
-via email on 10/26/18 at 1:30pm 
*Hi, Whitney
She likes the Silver Asscher Cut Tennis Bracelet very much, and wore it when we attended the ballet last night. Then tonight she surprised me by going out to dinner with your 5-bangle pearl set! So you are a part of what we are doing here in St. Petersburg.
-via text on 7/16/18 at 2:25pm

*Oooh la la!  Silver 1 Carat 3 Prong Stud Earrings arrived and they’re fabulous. :-) 
-via email on 7/5/18 at 8:59pm

*Hi Whitney!
I just opened my sweet BBW gift box to find my fabulous earrings. WOW!  Go big or go home, right? 😃 They’re beautiful. Now that I have my custom-length tennis necklace and my UA pin, I just HAD to complete my ensemble. Thanks for the nice note. I just want to wish you continued success with your business. Congratulations on 10 years - that’s a huge milestone.  
- via email on 5/9/2018 at 4:46pm
*Thank you so much, I've received the package it's #BEAUTIFUL..... Thank you so much for for the great service. The note was very thoughtful. Great experience!!
- via text on 4/30/18 at 4:01pm 
*Hi Whitney,
I bought one of your beautiful rings and brought my beautiful daughter to see your display. We met your gorgeous mom too and my daughter loved your jewelry! Well she returned to Seattle and showed her boyfriend and he on his own ordered her ring. He proposed last pm at their apt. in a very cute meaningfully way. She loves her ring, and I'm so glad I thought to bring her to show her your jewelry. Thank you so much and now we both have one of your rings! Earrings next and planning for a simple yet wonderful wedding Dec. 2018 or Jan. 2019. 

 - via email on 4/30/18 at 6:44am



My gorgeous jewelry was delivered and I am soooo excited to show my Wildcat love & support while looking ever soo stylish!!! You have such an amazing talent and have such a beautiful personality!! I love that I am wearing something designed by someone who is passionate about their product and is such a beautiful person!! 

 Thank you!! Absolutely LOVE my “Bling by Whitney Wilkening” xo 

- via email on 3/16/18 at 4:21pm


Hello again!  Don’t want to bother you, but I’d be remiss if I didn’t tell you how happy I am about my necklace. It’s so beautiful and the length is perfect for me. I first tried it on by itself, then I added my UofA pin. How fun!  I’m game day ready! :-)
-Via email on 2/22/18 at 10:58am
*Hi, Whitney! We met at a U of Arizona fundraiser in the spring. I love the "A" jewelry that I purchased. I have been meaning to call you to order the matching necklace and would like to do so now. You are doing great things, and I only want to purchase jewelry from you and support your company. 
-Via phone call on 1/30/18 at 2:00pm
*Hello, Whitney! I am calling to let you know that my wife was so happy at Christmas with the Large Silver Hollywood Studs that she was doing a happy dance! Thank you so much. She has never gotten this excited over a present. 
-Via phone call on 1/5/18 at 11:15am
*Hello, Whitney!!...well a few days ago I bought for a second time your jewelry. I’m really happy with the quality.
-Via email on 11/24/17 at 12:11pm
*Your jewelry is more beautiful than my diamond jewelry!
-Via phone call on 11/22/17 

*Hi Whitney, Just received the 18 in tennis necklace and am wearing both of them to dinner tonight! The sparkle is truly mesmerizing. Can not wait to go to Exposures on my birthday weekend of Jan 6 to see what else there is. Have a lovely holiday.

 -Sent on 12/22/2016 at 5:40pm

 *Thanks so much for my jewelry! I love it! You are so fun to work with! I'm glad you are having such great success!

 -Sent via Text 1/9/2017 4:34pm

 * Whitney, I admire you so much and what you have achieved in your spectacular professional life.

- Sent via letter 1/9/2017

*I purchased my wife the double diamond (cz) 5mm 18 KGP round ring bands for Christmas. The brilliance is so unbelievable it knocked my eyes out.

 -Via phone call 1/8/2017 6:00pm

 *My husband purchased for me the UofA classic tennis bracelet with charm. It is beautiful! The quality is unparalleled. I am calling to let you know how pleased I am.

I also see that you are on the Norton Board at the University of Arizona. I too was on the Norton Board. Again thank you, the quality is incredible. I will be back to make more purchases.

 -Via phone call 1/4/2017 10am

The jewelry sparkle is so incredible it looks like it has lights shining through it; it is so beautiful. 
-Via showcase 11/2018

*I was playing golf the other day with my wife and your silver classic tennis bracelet was shinning absolutely beautifully, better then anything I had ever seen in my life. The brilliance was unbelievable. We were playing golf with a lady who has an estate jewelry collection of her own and I know she couldn't believe how incredible the classic tennis bracelet is.

 -Via phone call 12/19/2016 10:55am

 *I bought my wife the real thing from Blue Nile, but they were too small. After seeing Dorthy's earrings, I realized there's really no point in paying all that money for the real thing when you guys make such great product. I'm hoping after I give these to my wife, she'll want to carry in our two stores!

 -Sent via email on 12/28/2015

*Thank you so much Carolina. I can't tell you how happy I’ve been with your customer service. I love the ring so much and am glad that I'll be able to wear it again. Can't wait to receive it.

 -Sent via email on 11/22/2015 at 10:21am


*Good morning Whitney of Bling by Wilkening! I was volunteering yesterday and completed your donation receipt. Do you know how exciting this is to have Bling by Wilkening in the boutique! When you said the rings came from your jewelry company and then there was no value declared with your donation I had to figure it out. Aww, Whitney your the best.
With Gratitude, Volunteer

 -Sent via email from Charity Bridal Shop in Maryland on 6/5/2015 at 2:27am


*Hi Whitney, I wanted to tell you I’ve been wearing the bracelet, the shorter one, and I have received so many compliments. My mom loved your jewelry as well and is excited to wear them!! Thank you again! They brighten my day.

 -Sent via email on 5/29/2015 at 7:07am from NY, NY


*This is wonderful, Whitney, thank you so much!! I will definitely head down to Kleinfeld and will be in touch about some other pieces in the future. Thank you so much, your customer service here has been incredible and I really appreciate it.

 -Sent via text on 2/13/2015 at 5:46pm from NY, NY



*Dear Sarah,

 I am thrilled to say that I have received the earrings today and I could not be happier to wear them for the holidays and thank you so much again!! 

You have won a customer for life!!! 

Wishing you a very happy and healthy holiday!! 

 -Sent via email on 12/12/2014 at 7:56pm from NY, NY



*Hi Whitney....

Please send us the 18 kt. gold-plated Palace Teardrop earrings, for her mom. It is very sweet of you to keep the price the same. That is the kind of humanistic business thinking that results in repeat customers. I have two daughters and several female friends, all of whom, amazingly, have birthdays and other occasions in their lives. As the right times roll around, you can bet that I will be thinking of Wilkening, and contacting your website again.

 -Sent via email on 12/29/2014 at 2:01pm from Canada



 *Comment: Hi - I purchased a pair of earrings at a trunk show at Bloomingdales a few months ago that I love and wanted to see some of the other pieces in person before purchasing them.  Is there a schedule of upcoming trunk shows in the NYC area or do you have a storefront in the city?  I am interested in a few of the eternity bands.


 -Sent via email on 8/9/2014 at 11:04am from NY, NY



*Comment: Good Afternoon

 I just want to email to say how impressed I was with the service I received whilst in New York. I visited Bloomingdales on Saturday and purchased a beautiful ring and earrings and everyone has commented on how amazing they look. I believe I met Whitney and I apologize as I can't remember the other womans name however both were equally fantastic! Although I know you ship to the UK it would be amazing if you had a stockist here.  I had hoped to make it back for the pendant I liked but sadly didn't, perhaps I will just need to revisit New York!

Keep up the amazing work!

Thanks again

 -Sent via email on 2/4/2013 at 3:09pm from Scotland, UK


 *Hi Whitney,

 I just wanted to drop you a note and say it was great to meet you this afternoon at Bloomingdales! I was the one who showed you my wedding photos and purchased the 1.7 carat studs. 

 I came home and told my husband I bought myself a little present and showed him my new earrings. At first he was livid because he thought I had purchased real diamond studs - which as you know would be a huge investment. I had to take them off so he could examine them closely. He is so impressed with how real the earrings look. 

 I've been perusing your website for a while and have a feeling I'll be ordering some items pretty soon.

 Thanks again for your help - I'm glad I went with the smaller studs as opposed to the 2 carat studs. They are perfect!

 -Sent via email on 2/2/2013 at 4:21pm from NY, NY



 *Comment: Hi Whitney - I just wanted to tell you a great story - I was wearing my 5 in 1 necklace yesterday and I received a very nice complement - "are you wearing a yard of diamonds - so beautiful".  And I replied.... better a 5 in 1 yard of diamonds by Bling by Wilkening.   Hope all is well.  

 -Sent via email on 4/5/2012 at 11:15pm from Albuquerque, NM


*Dear Whitney!

 I don't normally do this, but I just had to send you a note to comment on the bracelet!  Wow!  It's fabulous! Really really beautiful! It had exceeded all of my expectations so greatly! Congrats!

 If the cross is anything like the bracelet, I will treasure it forever!

 I will look forward to your next collections with great anticipation.  Keep up the beautiful work!!!

 -Sent via email on 12/4/2010 at 10:43am



*Hi Whitney,

 Love the site--great work!

Yes, I saw the story on the Retail Link Newsletter.

I am excited for the earrings--I am wearing them as the only piece of jewelery (besides ring) for my upcoming Vegas wedding.

Take care!

 -Sent via email on 7/1/2010 at 11:51am from Phoenix, AZ



*Hey Whitney!

I got the jewelry and it far exceeds my expectations! I love everything! I need a frequent purchase card or something, I love that I have nearly half the earrings on the site!! haha! If you need a testimonial you are welcome to use me! Thanks again for everything and I can't wait to see the fall line! Take care and talk to you soon.

 -Sent via email on 7/24/2010 at 12:16am from Dallas, Texas


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