Wholesale Inquiries

We are carried in select high-end specialty boutiques both nationally and internationally. If you are interested in carrying Bling by Wilkening, please contact us at contact@blingbywilkening.com or call us at 505.280.8637

Corporate and Bulk Purchases

We offer wedding party gifts, charity favors, corporate gifts, and any other gifting and volume buying programs you may need. Please contact us for any of these programs.

Pins for Philanthropies and Foundations

We specialize in Couture Pins for universities, foundations and charities. Should you be interested in a unique design and purchasing, please contact us. The pins are purchased from us and sold or gifted to donors in these Universities, foundations and charities. Please email contact@blingbywilkening.com or please call 505.280.8637

Bespoke Customized Designs

We offer a customized design service, and head designer, Whitney Wilkening, will consult with you to create your own design or a replica of one of your jewelry pieces to travel with. The fee for the customized mold and design begins at $2,500.

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