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We thank you for your purchase from Bling by Wilkening.

Returns and exchanges are not permitted. Due to sanitation purposes with jewelry, all sales are final, and cash and credit card refunds are not permitted. Chargebacks are not permitted. See chargebacks section below.

You agree to the care & warranty instructions section below.

Chargebacks are not permitted. A chargeback is a claim from a customer to their credit card or issuing bank that they did not receive the package or that they did not authorize the charge, even though the item shows delivered via the tracking number on the shipping carrier’s website. This is a fraudulent claim, and once the package is confirmed delivered, it is owned by the person purchasing the item through the Bling by Wilkening. If a fraudulent claim is made, legal action against the person committing the fraudulent claim will be taken. 

Our jewelry is meant to be worn and appreciated as the finest estate jewelry. Each piece is meticulously hand set by our master jewelers in our atelier.

*Due to the delicate nature of precious metals, please see below care instructions:

To clean, use only warm water and soap without perfume or lotions, such as gold dial soap, liquid or bar. Apply to a very soft toothbrush and gently clean stones on the top and underside. Rinse with warm water.

Avoid direct contact with perfume, sunscreens, treated cloths, and commercial jewelry and household cleaners, as these may be caustic to precious metals.

Avoid bathing, swimming or sleeping with jewelry.

Due to sanitation purposes with jewelry, all Bling by Wilkening sales are final and may not be returned or exchanged.

While extremely rare, if an item needs to be repaired due to a manufacturing defect, we offer a 90 day warranty. Item must be accompanied by the original receipt and tag with box.

Please note the 90 day warranty does not cover the following.

The list is inclusive, but is not limited to the following:

*Jewelry worn while sleeping, bathing, or swimming in a pool or ocean

*Jewelry that has been exposed to harsh chemicals or commercial jewelry cleaners

*Jewelry that has been exposed to perfume, sunscreens, or lotions, as these may  contain alcohol or sulfates which may be caustic to precious metals

*Jewelry that has been dropped or bent out of original shape

*Jewelry that has been heavily used, scratched, or not properly cared for

Repairing Jewelry Outside of Warranty:

It is extremely rare that our jewelry should need any repairs, but should this be needed, we offer this service for Bling by Wilkening jewelry only. Each item will be assessed to see if it may be repaired, and the cost of repair will be determined at the time of assessment.

The package is confirmed delivered once the item is tracked and shows confirmed ‘delivered’ on the shipping carrier’s website. The package does not need to be signed for to be confirmed delivered. It must show only through the tracking number that it is confirmed delivered. 

If an item is damaged in transit, or if there is a manufacturer's defect, you must notify Bling by Wilkening within two days of receipt of your package, and the damaged item must be shipped back within that two day time frame. Items are wrapped and cushioned very carefully for shipping. Damage is very rare, but if it occurs during shipping, please send the item back within two days of arrival, and your item will be exchanged for the same style, size and color. Exchanges for different styles, sizes and colors are not permitted. If Bling by Wilkening is not notified within two days of receipt, and the item is not shipped back within that time frame, exchanges for the same item will not be permitted.

Your privacy is of utmost importance to us. Your credit card information, under no circumstances, will be shared. Bling by Wilkening uses a leading secure gateway to accept major credit cards. Your email and contact information will not be shared. We use the information we collect from you to make your shopping experiences as enjoyable as possible. Your information will be used to complete your purchase transactions, provide services requested by you, to notify you of the status of your orders, and to identify your jewelry preferences, so that we may inform you of services and special products that may be of interest to you. 

The contents, images, and design of this website are copyright protected and are owned by the Bling by Wilkening company. Reproductions are prohibited. You may not publish, reproduce, change, sell or engage in any activity or sale of any of the contents of the website.

You agree to the terms set forth in this agreement by clicking the box on the shopping cart page. 

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